Frequently Asked Questions

I'm under 18 and need my six hours of certified driving instruction. Can I take it all in one weekend or day?
How much does it cost?
Are parents required to attend lessons?
Where do I meet my instructor?
Can I hold off on my third student lesson until I am ready to take my driving test?
Can I take more than three lessons?
I'm an adult and have never driven. How many lessons will I need?
Can I rent your car to take the driving test?
What form of payment do you accept?
What do I need to take a lesson?
Since my student has his permit, can I take him driving immediately?
Do you offer driver's education prior to obtaining permit?
Can we use our own personal vehicle for the lesson?
Do you offer manual transmission driving instruction?
Do you offer written evaluations?
Do you have any instructors that speak foreign languages?
Can I do only one hour of driving instruction?
If I live outside of your service area, can I still use your driving school?
If we take a driving lesson, will it lower our insurance rates?
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