Bill -

The Owner / Operator / Instructor of Bills Defensive Driving School, was trained by a retired California State Highway Patrol Officer. In August of 2007, Bill's Defensive Driving School opened. Licensed Instructor over 20 years. Proud father and grandfather. Bill's professional expertise behind the wheel literally started years ago as he logged hundreds of thousands of miles driving large commercial trucks and Class A vehicles for various companies. I genuinely enjoy being an instructor, interacting with students helping them overcome fears while learning how to become safe, alert and responsible drivers. Parental involvement is key to Teens developing their driving ability.

Serves: West and Central Contra Costa County and North West Alameda County

Panya -

I began my career as a driving instructor in 1980, over 40 years ago. I have taught all age groups of drivers, from Teens to Seniors. I have been told by my students that they find my teaching method to be very easy to understand and learn and all lessons are enjoyable. I have unlimited patience and understanding. I have always taught my students according to their pace. My lesson plan covers above and beyond passing the drive test. I take the responsibility of teaching students to be safe drivers from the start.

Serves: Marin County North to Novato & West Marin County to Fairfax, San Francisco County, San Mateo County and North Santa Clara County.

Roland -

I've been teaching safe driving for over 20 years now. I enjoy driving and teaching, so I think it's a good match for me. My style? A lot of people say that I'm patient. My driving experience? Over a million miles. The best part is I've driven a vehicle that very few people can say they've driven. A motorized cable car! I like to share what I've learned about driving with my students, to help make them safe, confident drivers. I like the parental involvement that I'm seeing. Many parents are riding along on the lessons. It's a good learning experience for everyone.

Serves: Marin County North to Novato & West Marin County to Fairfax and North West Contra Costa County

Steve -

I have 40 plus years driving experience, including considerable time behind the wheel in almost every state in the U.S. I have taught people how to drive in more than 50 cities in the Bay Area. I have worked with people as young as 15 1/2 and as old as 92.

Serves: East Contra Costa County to Pittsburgh, South to Danville and South Solano County to Benicia and Vallejo.

David -

I joined Bill's Defensive Driving School in August 2019 as a driving instructor, I strive to educate student-drivers on safe defensive strategies. All students are treated with care, dignity and respect. I am passionate about teaching courteous, defensive, and safe driving techniques to students. I echo company policy to have either one or both parents to ride along during each lesson, because the parent(s) provide the ongoing coaching and mentoring of the student-learner by affirming and reinforcing the courteous, defensive, and safe driving strategies in between and after the formal lessons.

Serves: San Francisco County, Marin County North to Novato & West Marin County to Fairfax and San Mateo County, Only does lessons on weekends

Stacey -

I have been a driving instructor for more than 10 years. I started working with Bill's Defensive Driving School in January of 2020. I have worked all over the Bay area from San Francisco down to San Jose, Alameda County and Solano county. I teach safe and compentent driver techniques, in a well organized manner. I teach my students how to operate a vehicle confidently, while being alert to notice potentially dangerous or difficult circumstances. I have taught students of all types from Teens to Seniors to anxious Adult drivers with a license.

Serves: Alameda County & San Mateo County , North West Santa Clara County

Stephen -

Having been a licensed driver for over 51 years, I draw on my experience as a safe and savvy driver with good overall awareness when out on the road. I want my students to enjoy learning how to drive safely by knowing the rules of the road while avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Transfered to Bills Defensive Driving School June 2022.

Serves: Central and East Contra Costa and Central Alameda County

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