Bill Allenbaugh - Owner/Operator of Bill's Defensive Driving School.

Bill was trained by a California state highway patrol and maintains an Instructor Training driver license. He has been a business owner and operator of Bill's Defensive Driving School for 11 years.


  • Class 1
  • Hax Mat
  • Air and Tanker

Bill is a long time Bay Area resident. His professional expertise driving started, literally rolling along, years ago as he logged hundreds of thousands of miles driving driving both Class A vehicles and large commercial trucks. While working full time, Bill completed a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. He continued his educational pursuit with a Masters Degree in Social Work.

During his education pursuits, a friend invited him to become a part-time driving instructor at an established driving school. As a driving instructor, Bill discovered a passion for being a driving instructor. He genuinely enjoyed being an instructor, interacting with students and helping them overcome fears while learning how to become safe, alert and responsible drivers. He continued on to teach at a driving school operated by a retired California Highway Patrol officer. Bill gained new and improved perspectives on driving education while developing his skills as an instructor.

In August of 2007, Bill opened his driving school becoming principal owner/operator instructor of Bill's Defensive Driving School. Bill is a college graduate with honors and a business owner. He is a proud father, grandfather, and greatly enjoys being a driving instructor.

Bill's Operator License Number: O4362A
DMV Driving School Number: 4362
Serving Alameda and Contra Costa County

Frank - As a 35+ year native of Marin County. I have a Strong connection to the people and places in our community. I Trained extensively with Bill learning his defensive driving techniques and I am experienced enough to be able to cater the lessons to meet each individuals needs. My background in psychology and sociology makes me a good listener, and I believe one of the keys to helping drivers to become more confident is really understanding each student's individual challenges so that we can face them together. I focus on a number of techniques that help young people, adults and seniors become better drivers such as: Smooth stops when braking, scanning the road to anticipate what's coming and using all three mirrors to get a clear picture of what's happening around you. I've worked with Bill's Defensive Driving School for over 3 years and what I love most about my job is that it allows me to connect with even more people in our community helping them to become confident capable and defensive drivers and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Frank Serves only Marin County

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