Emergency announcement

Dear students ( families)

As most of you already know, the original 15 day order has expired and a new social distancing order has been put in place till a minimum of April 30th. Instead of calling all of the students to reschedule, we will wait until it is more clear on when normal business operations can safely resume. Once we have a better idea of when that will be, we will call students in the order they are currently scheduled. We hope you all are staying safe and doing your best to keep a positive mindset. We look forward to the day when this is all behind us. Also just a reminder that we do offer online drivers ed for teens. Best wishes - Bill's Defensive Driving School

Teen/Parent Driving Program

Teen Driving School In San Francisco Bay Area

At Bill's Defensive Driving School, our teen driving lessons are all private in our new dual-equipped midsize sedans. We never have more than one student in the car to increase safety and promote a one-on-one learning experience that optimizes the teen drivers education about the rules of the road. Our teen/parent program is unique because we not only allow parents to ride along, but also, we actually strongly encourage it. We invite parents not only to see their child's progress, but also, to observe how a professional, certified driving instructor teaches the teen driving program.

Considering that parents have a 50-hour driving responsibility with their teen (as required by the DMV), and we only have six hours, who is the real teacher? Our teen driver education course is a minimum of six hours and customized, so we are sure to offer a wide range of expertise in a short period of time. Our innovative teen drivers ed course can reduce risky behaviors common among teens and can provide a clear path in which your teen can improve their driving skills. We want to expose you to the very best habits so that you can become a much better driving teacher yourself. Enroll you or your teen in our teen driving school today!

With our teen driving program, we are primarily concerned with your teen's safety. Working together, we can deliver a consistent message and techniques to ensure that your teen is practicing safe and defensive driving skills.

To learn more or to get started, just give us our teen driving school a call at 877-689-1480 or contact us!

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