The Most Simple and Reliable Way to Complete California Traffic School on Time.

We offer the option to complete traffic school by midnight of your due date. No worries, we’ll report to the California DMV and the Court for you!
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Easiest Way to Get Rid of Your Traffic Ticket!

The Most Simple and Reliable Way to Complete California Traffic School on Time.

We offer the option to complete traffic school by midnight of your due date. No worries, we’ll report to the California DMV and the Court for you!

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Traffic School by IMPROV Comedy Club was Created Over 20 Years Ago!

Founded in partnership with the World-Famous Improv Comedy Club to make traffic school Fun, Fast, and Effective. Our traffic school allows you to create your own schedule with unmatched convenience, and provides our students with driving course material accessible anytime.

Our unique edutainment courses have won copious accolades from driving students and the media, resulting in our being named "Best Traffic School" year after year.

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  • Voted 'Best Traffic School'

    We've been honored with countless awards from students and media alike, including ‘Best Traffic School.’ As an exceptional online traffic school, we are pleased to provide valuable driving education emphasizing the importance of safe vehicle operation.
  • Receive Driving Certificate in 30 Minutes

    Online traffic school courses are designed to Complete traffic school up until midnight of your deadline and we’ll get your certificate filed with the DMV & Court.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Improv Traffic School is a defensive traffic school providing customer support 7 days a week to optimize your online experience.

Defensive Traffic School Information

6 things to look for when selecting a California traffic school.

1) The traffic school should be licensed by the DMV and accepted by all courts.

Be aware of national providers that may not be licensed in California. The last thing you want is to spend your day earning a certificate that won’t help you and isn’t accepted by all courts. A reputable and licensed traffic school is important because it ensures the driving student that they are receiving a high-quality driver education.

2) Make sure the traffic school offers same-day processing and reporting.

Selecting a traffic school with same-day processing and reporting is critical if you are running close to the deadline. You want to choose an online traffic school that will submit your certificate to the DMV/court the same day that you complete the course to avoid any delays.

3) Traffic school fees should be all-inclusive.

You will see many traffic schools offering online courses for a very low fee, just to find out that you will be required to pay mailing, reporting, processing, and other fees to get what you need. Make sure the total price of the traffic school admission is disclosed upfront so you know what you are getting for that price. The average price for DMV-licensed traffic school is between $19 to $29.

4) Ensure the traffic school reports your certificate to the DMV/court for FREE.

You want to find a school that will submit your completion certificate to the DMV/court. The last thing you want after you’ve completed your course is to spend another day trying to submit your certificate to the DMV/court. A stress-free environment where you can trust the online traffic school to provide quality education and properly submit certificate paperwork to the court.

5) Traffic school should allow you the ability to complete the course at your own pace.

Defensive driving courses with timers force you to stay on the page whether you finished the material or not. Courses with no timers allow you to complete the exam at your own pace. If you select a school with timers, it’s important to find out how difficult the final exam is and if you can retake it for free if you don’t pass the first time. You want the easiest chapter quiz that is multiple choice and a school that offers unlimited retakes.

6) The course offered should be mobile and cross-device friendly.

Finding an online course that is mobile and cross-device friendly provides the maximum convenience. Cross-device courses allow you to start on a desktop, then continue working on your mobile device, then come back to your desktop. You want to be able to work on the course at any location and on any device that is most convenient to you.

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