Are you a nervous driver? With the help of our safe driving school courses, even the most anxious drivers will feel good about being on the road.


Bill’s Defensive Driving School offers an adult nervous driving course for adults who are seeking a certified driving instructor to assist them with their anxious or nervous driving and California behind the wheel driver’s test. Our adult drivers ed course at Bill’s Defensive Driving School is designed to improve the skills and confidence of the nervous driver. Regardless of driving experience, we can assist anyone in our adult driving course. We focus on providing helpful tips and recommendations to increase your comfortability and awareness while driving.

In the adult nervous driver program, Bill’s Defensive Driving School offers clear, specific directions and provides a step-by-step method of gaining quality driving skills. In our adult drivers education course, a sense of security is also provided by the fact that our cars have dual-controls, so if you freeze up, we can take over! We encourage nervous drivers to invite their family or friends to accompany them to make the experience more comfortable during the adult driving course.

Bill’s Defensive Driving School has experience helping adult drivers regain full driving privileges they may have lost due to illness, an accident, or cognitive issues. The DMV can be very severe in the restrictions they impose on people with medical conditions, vision problems, etc. At Bill’s Defensive Driving School, we have extensive experience working with the DMV and can assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about obtaining a drivers license in our adult drivers education course.

Some employers may require an employee evaluation or defensive driver training. We will evaluate the employee and can help the employer determine if defensive training is necessary. We want to assist adults in regaining the freedom and responsibility of driving by providing an educational driving course that inspires nervous drivers to become self-confident and assured in their driving abilities.