About Us


Bills Defensive Driving School offers a variety of driving lessons in San Francisco, Marin County, East Bay, Alameda, and the surrounding areas to teens, adults, and senior citizens.

Pick Up and Drop Off

We provide convenient options for driving and can pick up and drop off from home, school or work. We offer a minimum of a 2 hour drivers ed lessons in one day. Our driving lessons take place in our dual controlled newer midsize sedans. We are licensed through the Department of Motor Vehicles and we carry insurance on all of our vehicles and keep them properly maintained. The student needs to either have a driver’s permit or license in order to take behind the wheel driving lessons. We also provide written evaluations for an additional charge. Online driver’s education is also available with a discounted price if you enroll through our website. Learn about our driver education programs.

Drivers Ed Programs For Everyone

We provide lessons to those of all ages. Teens, Anxious Adults, Seniors, Au Pairs or anyone else that is wanting to learn safe defensive driving techniques that are usually only acquired after years of experience. We strongly encourage whomever the student will be practicing with to also come along on the lesson. This way that person can reinforce the instruction that is given on each lesson. As with learning anything practice and repetition is very important to develop that muscle memory. Our goal is to create a teen driver’s education program, online drivers education program, and general drivers ed program that provide our students with a variety of skills to make them efficient and safe drivers.

Safer Training Vehicles

Our driving lessons are conducted in cars specially equipped with accelerator and brake controls on the instructor’s side, unlike other driving schools and vehicles. (DMV only requires that training vehicles have a brake pedal.) The additional function with both a brake and accelerator enables our instructors to actually drive the car, not just to stop it, providing a much safer experience for the student. We also train in full size vehicles, for more realistic engagements while on the road, not compact cars.

Family Friendly Instruction

A feature that sets Bill’s Defensive Driving School apart is we encourage parents and or family members to ride along during driving lessons, although many other schools don’t allow a ride along. The ride along feature allows the observer the opportunity to watch how a professional instructor teaches and greatly improves their own ability to coach their son or daughter, or other family member in a much safer manner.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Just preparing the student to pass the driving test to get their driver’s license is not at the sole focus of our driving lesson plans. We train our students in defensive driving techniques for a wide range of driving environments so that they will become capable, responsible, and safe drivers. The driving skills acquired in this process though, almost inevitably result in the high success rate for our students passing their driver’s test the first time and creating long term safe driving practices.