ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (Requires Court Approval)

At Bill’s Defensive Driving School, our online Traffic School by IMPROV is completed at your convenience. the course is very interactive, has the feel of a video game, and takes the student on a virtual road trip across the country. Many students complete the Online Traffic School in a few days. The course focuses on the laws and rules of the road to increase the drivers competence and awareness while driving. There is no time limit on completing the driving course.

The Traffic School by IMPROV was created over 20 years ago and an excellent option for $24.95. The course meets all the requirements for Traffic School in California. We allow you to make your own schedule translating to convenience and the appropriate materials for the course. This electronically report completions to the CA DMV upon course completion. CA courts then retrieve completions from the DMV database within 24 hours.

Note that California only offers online traffic school and traffic school requires court approval following a ticket. Not all violations are eligible for traffic school and rules vary by county.

For any additional questions about the Online Traffic School by IMPROV, please call or message us, we will respond in a timely manner.